*FREE TASK* You are welcome!!

So I know many of you little losers are going to be all alone today, sitting in your houses or your mothers basement whining because you don’t have a sexy Valentine for today. Well guess what losers. You don’t have to be total losers today. You can look like a REAL man and go buy a gorgeous single RED, PINK, or WHITE Rose for Valentines day! You will then take the rose home and remove the thorns if it has not been done already. I want you to  also make a little sign that says “Thanks Miss Kelly for allowing me to not look like a total loser today!!” Then I want you to take the stem of that beautiful rose and shove it up your raunchy, pathetic ass and take a picture for Me. Send it to My email MistressKelly102784@gmail.com and THANK ME for allowing you to not look like a total loser today. Of course you should be thanking Me with monetary gifts in the form of AMAZON gift cards to the same email along with that lovely little picture you will be sending Me. You are welcome minions. See I can be nice sometimes LOL!!


Miss Kelly ♥♥