Sinful Calls Shady Tactics! Repulsive!

So I know that I have told a few of you the things that have happened with Sinful Call and I, about them trying to go into My bank account and take out $3500 for “Chargebacks” … So here is the story right from the beginning. This user named Mark9090 came to Me and wanted ruined totally around mid June….. June 12th to be exact. He wanted Me to take every last penny from him. I thought he was joking… so I told him to buy My Skype ID and tip $100 for cam time. He did this. So I got on skype, he called and just stared at Me on cam for a few minutes and then tipped $300 more while he was watching Me on cam. So much for thinking that he was full of shit for the moment. Most users are when they talk about wanting to be ruined and to be quite honest… I am not comfortable with ruining a boy totally. So there is the back story… And here is the logs from that day on Sinful Call with Mark9090.


That was June 12th and the user had disappeared just as I had suspected. Came back to Me to call on June 20th. Asked Me to set My rate as high as it could go (9.5 credits/min) and to just pick up the phone and ignore him. So I set My rate and sure enough…. he called and stayed on the phone for just over an hour and he did this again on June 21 as you will see in this picture here.


June 22- Same things happened again… he would message Me on Skype… ask for MY rate to be raised as high as it could go and just ignore him. This day sinful call was having issues with their dumb ass phone lines and it kept dropping the calls so this one is broken up a bit.


He disappeared for a few days and then came back again… this time he had a friend that wanted the same thing… or so I thought it was a different person… Sinful Call says its the same person. I have yet to see any type of proof from this shady ass company. So here is June 25th, through the 27th and you will see here that his friend also began tipping Me that same day just as it started with Mark9090.


So it continued on for another few days. A few hundred from his friend and instead of calling on the phone line I would just have him tip and then call him on skype and you will see that here. All of the time just simply ignoring this idiot and his friend.


So that is from day 1- June 12th- June 30th. Totaling $3511 from all of those transactions… plus $666 from the 12th to the 16th on the previous pay period. Here are those screen shots… I received both of these payments from Sinful Call. The payout for June 16th and the July 1st payout.

screenshot.124 screenshot.123

Now this is where the shit starts with Sinful call. The last payout I received from them was on July 1st and currently have $861 on My account that they are refusing to pay Me until I return the $3511 back to them. Here are the email communications I have received from them to My personal email as well as on the site email. So the first time I was made aware of anything going on with this particular user or that they had any concern was on July 4th in an email to Me which I immediately responded back to. Mind you…. I was on vacation trying to relax from July 3-9th and I still made time to respond to these idiots.


After I responded back to them…. later that day Mark9090 had wanted some cam time and I told him just as we previously had done… to tip on Sinful Call and then he would get My cam. I was lounging in the hotel room anyhow so why not. Gergory2005 had tipped on July 1st for some cam time as well before I left for vacation. Here is the last transactions I had on Sinful Call with these particular users which Sinful Call claims to have cancelled but they still currently to this day sit on My account which they refuse to pay out until they get MY $3500 back. I will get to that in just a few minutes.


Soooooooo there are the transactions and ALL My time and effort that I put into these two users. Later the same day… July 4th mind you…. A holiday that is pretty big here in the USA….they send Me this email after I had cammed with Mark9090 that day.


Obviously I was pissed because I had spent a fair amount of My time while on vacation with this user. And do take note that at the end of this email…. they said “We’ll keep you informed” …. HA that is a fucking joke. You will see why here.


3 days later they decide to contact Me back… with some bullshit. I told them what I know without going into too much detail about the ruination he wanted. Most boys will talk about being ruined financially and 99.9% of them are full of shit. If Mark9090 kept going at the rate he was on Sinful Call…. he very well could have gotten there. So I sent MY response… again WHILE ON VACATION! I didnt hear anything back from them for 9 freaking days. 9 days! So much for keeping Me informed huh? Morons. Here is the email they sent Me on the site… that does not have an option to respond back to because they blocked it on the site for Me. So I copied the entire letter… pasted it into an email and responded. By this time I had thought things were fine because I didnt hear back from them for so long. Here is what they sent Me and what My response was… I had to do it in two screen shots because both were rather long emails.

screenshot.115 screenshot.116

After their response to Me stating all the generalized mumbo jumbo they did in their email… I went on the hunt for information regarding chargebacks on their site and also spoke with VISA about how things like that are handled (timeframes, stolen cards, fraudulent transactions, and ADULT TRANSACTIONS etc) … and let Me tell you…. the way they are stating it came about, takes a lot longer than a mere week or so to happen. They would not even have been notified by this point of any chargebacks. Not to mention…. they had no chargeback policy at all listed on the site informing chat hosts that they are responsible for chargebacks. So this pissed Me off entirely because I had thought because of the lapse of time (9 days) that I hadnt heard from them things were fine. Boy was I wrong. Not to mention… what person in their right mind would openly admit to committing fraud? NONE. So that is another thing that didnt make sense to Me. So the last email I got from them was on July 16th in My email inbox. I had tried to contact them via the site to see what was going on several times and got excuse after excuse as to why I wasnt receiving any information back from them after promising to “keep Me informed”… Here is the series of emails I sent them via the site. To which I just kept getting pushed aside and more pissed off by the day.

screenshot.126 screenshot.127 screenshot.128 screenshot.129 screenshot.130 screenshot.131 screenshot.132 screenshot.133

And finally on July 30th they responded after 2 weeks of keeping Me in limbo and this is what was said.


Now I was willing to compromise and come to some sort of agreement similar to the one they stated in this email because I do understand that it is a loss for both Me and the company. But I wasnt going to lose out totally. Notice at the end of this last email they state that “We already talked to Payoneer about it and they have a solution for that” …. Well without informing Me, they attempted to go into My bank account and take the money back via Payoneer. I check My bank accounts regularly just to keep track of what is going on…. and thankfully I caught this in time and had My bank decline the transaction because for one… there wasn’t $3500 in that account and for two…. THEY NEVER EVEN INFORMED ME THEY WERE HAVING PAYONEER TRY TO TAKE THE MONEY BACK! They simply said… payoneer has a solution for that. Here is where they tried to go into My bank account and take the money without ever telling Me they were going to do so. If you notice in the email above… they asked Me to send it back to the account which it was received from and I was in the process of typing an email to them to come to a solution that would be somewhat fair to Me and give Me some type of compensation for the countless hours I spent with this user…. when I got an email from My bank showing this pending transaction. Obviously its not pending anymore because I was on My banks ass first thing in the morning as I got this email from them at around 3am on a Saturday showing that it was pending.


So I went to My bank… which is Chase bank by the way (who claims they dont support adult transactions and they do) and got this all sorted. I closed the bank account transferred the money that was in MY account to a new one. And now Sinful Call can kiss My ass regarding that $3500 since they sneakily tried to go into My bank account and take it without informing Me. Had they done it the right way and allowed Me to respond to the email and us come to a mutual agreement… I would have had no issue sending back a portion of the money. But definitely not all of it. I have subsequently canceled My relationship with Payoneer due to them siding with Sinful Call and not knowing the whole story. I still have yet to hear anything back from Sinful call regarding the remaining balance that is in My account which they have held onto for over 2 pay periods now. And here is that screenshot since they seem to think that I am going to lay down and take this bullshit they are trying to pull here.


So now the saga continues and I shall see where this goes with Sinful Call. I have removed all My content from their site and raised My rate to 9.5 credits a minute due to Me not wanting anyone to call Me there…. But I want to keep My account active and still be able to reach the customers that I have there who dont use messengers or other platforms. I have gotten most of them to contact Me via other methods though which is great. Ohhhhh and one last thing before I close this blog and post it to inform the community about this shady unprofessional piece of shit site…. They tweeted about Me USING this customers credit card MYSELF which I absolutely did not do… And here was My response to that……


Saying its fraud is one thing…. but accusing Me publicly on twitter of actually using this members card Myself is another. They can tweet at Me when they know I am about to post this blog showing how fucking shady they are…. but they cant respond to My emails. LOL…. that should tell you all a lot!

Hope all is well with everyone. I will write an update blog post soon if I ever hear anything back from them lol. And to update on the things that have been going on in My lovely life 🙂 Still smiling. Always Smiling. 🙂

Miss Kelly ♥