Cock-Sucking Faggot Slave , Ebanned and other Endeavors…

Time for your dose of Miss Kelly, yes I know you have missed Me. As you should. You have had many opportunities to serve Me this week and many of you have taken advantage of that fact. Thanks to all the good boys who have stopped by and showed their gratitude by serving Me in various ways.

We will start with My lovely Ebanned sock auction that ended up selling for $53 to a lucky little sock bitch from twitter named “LittleBlackCock”…. He ended up receiving his well loved and worn socks yesterday and is quite pleased. His words “I definitely have my work cut out for Me cleaning these”… LOL…. yes, yes you do sock bitch. Hope you enjoy!

Now on to others who have stopped by this week and sessioned with the one and only Mistress Kelly 🙂

AllieGirl is new to serving Me via Imlive’s sister cam site ImAFemdom and is one impressive sissy bitch. Going all out in sissy mode this little slut loves dressing like a sissy girl and showing off her cute little ass, so here is her 15 seconds of fame on My blog…. Keep being a good girl and serving Me and you will be here more often Allie girl!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.03.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.54.43 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.50.30 PM

Then there is Big Brie who came and sucked cock for Me today who also found Me on this week. I am super impressed with this little cock sucking faggot! He came over this afternoon and met with a guy we found on craigslist. The guy was pretty damn big. I happened to snap a picture one of the times I was above him shoving his face on this massive cock he was sucking to please his Mistress… Way to go Big Brie, you have impressed Me thoroughly and I am quite proud of you! Keep sucking cocks and being a good little faggot for Mistress 🙂

And there are quite a few others but I want to finish up this blog and post it. I will be doing LIVE CAM DAY on Tuesday afternoon this week on…. you may use My link to sign up and buy credits to session with Me one of the many times I am on.

I also have a few new goody bags on NiteFlirt that you can buy as well and you can find those here:

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I am back doing real time sessions in Philadelphia and the suburbs of Philly, for rates inquire via email

As always stay safe, sane and consensual.

~Mistress Kelly ♥♀♥

*FREE TASK* Taking YOUR time and Money!

Taking YOUR Time and Money


Lots of exciting things happening with Me lately and of course I want to keep you updated as to how to get your fix of your favorite Mistress…. Me! You all know you are totally infatuated with Me and just can’t wait for the next update…. Wait no more…. here it is.

Wednesday was My LIVE CAM DAY and I ended up getting extremely busy and couldn’t get on until around 8pm EST which was WAY later than I planned initially. I do appreciate all My adoring boys who stopped by, old and new, to session and say hello and see their ever so adorable Mistress LIVE in the flesh 🙂 It was a great night and I had a blast chatting with all of you. Keep watching for My next posted LIVE CAM DAY that will happen next week. I am thinking maybe Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. It all depends on how My days work out and what sessions I have booked over the weekend. You boys certainly keep Me busy. That is to say the least lol.

Now on to talking about the good boys who have stopped by, one of which I haven’t written about in a long time, I just recently named him “Brown-Noser” and from now on I will refer to him as just that in My blogs lol. Brown-Noser has served Me for two years this coming July and has done a VERY good job in doing so. There have been moments of silence due to life on both ends, him work and other obligations, and Me getting married and having My surgery this past April but as of now he is right back where he belongs…. Serving My perfect ass and humiliating himself for My amusement. Brown-Noser has stepped up his game in the last few weeks. A quick overview of how he has grown over the years. He started with light humiliation, name calling and the like… moved onto eating his cum and drinking his piss for Me…. NOW he still does all these things but he also wears diapers and pisses and shits in them to amuse Me and humiliate himself 🙂 He has truly grown over the years and I couldn’t be more pleased with his growth over the last two years…. I have to come up with something really awesome and humiliating to do to celebrate his  2 year anniversary… oh what will My ever so devious mind come up for this big day? Stay tuned to see if I update about Brown-Noser.

There is also another boy who is somewhat local who has recently approached Me and wants to be under My foot, quite literally. He has done well in his approach so far, we have spoken on Skype a few times and I am looking forward to getting him under *MY* budget and put under My tight leash… I always love real-time, there is nothing better than watching a boy turn to mush right before your eyes and obey your every command…. this boy will do just that in time so stay tuned for updates on that if he does in fact earn his  place at My feet.

There is another boy that I am going to talk about today and he too has served Me on and off for a very long time considering the way boys come and go these days… I want to say closer to 3 years now. He is My BeefJerkyBoy…. He actually named himself this in the last year after I reminded him of the very first gift he sent Me… Beef Jerky. Teriyaki Beef Jerky to be specific… so now that name will stick with him. He has earned his way here due to the sacrifice he recently made for Me which I didn’t even know about until this morning when I woke up and seen his message to Me. I am thoroughly impressed and I will share that here with you guys. Many of you know that serving Me is about sacrifice… Sacrificing your comfort for My pleasure, well he has done just that and you can read that here…


Such a good boy for Me!

And of course there is the occurrence that happened regarding My Starbucks demands that one single boy decided to make right. He actually served Me back in 2013 I believe, its been a long time so I don’t remember exactly when it was but he stepped up to the plate and made it possible for ALL you boys to have access to My pictures on Twitter still… 5000 followers and only ONE of you stepped up… that is pretty bad for you boys. I get what I want when I demand or you boys get deprived of the Mistress you love most, even more than your wives and girlfriends… LOL. Good job Tony… you are so weak for ME still even after all this time being away… you knew where your place was, and you just cant resist Miss Kelly 🙂 Keep being a good boy and pleasing Me…. your dick will be caged for Me soon enough!

One last thing to Mention before I give you this lovely time-wasting task that you will so graciously do for ME… You boys still have time to bid on My totally raunchy 6 day wear (by the time the auction is over) SOCKS! The bid is already up to $33 and was within the first few hours of posting it… boys had a little bidding war while I was out having some Me time 🙂 Totally made Me giggle when I got back and seen that, but that bid has sat there since then and this is not making your favorite Mistress happy… you DO want Me to list more auctions don’t you? I know you do, so let’s get this auction going again and you will see many different items up in the future…. go bid here:

6 days total wear for your Sock Fetish Pleasure!

6 days total wear for your Sock Fetish Pleasure!


NOW you get the free task since you read all of that…. did you think you were going to get something for free without doing what I wanted you to do first? LOL you should have known better. So this task is a typing/writing task. And you will make sure that you have enough time to sit down in front of your computer, or alone to write it out and take pictures for Me showing that you completed the task. Here is the link to the line that you will need to write.  If you are handwriting the task you need to email Me to get the amount of lines you need to write for Me to amuse Me 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates soon ♥

~Miss Kelly

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Cam Schedule, Happenings and so on…

So I have been really, really bad about blogging and posting updates… Oops. That’s ok, you all will get over it, because here I am, writing this right now and giving you something to grasp onto lol. I know you all so well, you wait for My updates, Niteflirt lines to come on, My Skype or Yahoo to flash across the screen, hoping so desperately that I notice you’re there. Lol. So weak for Me. Just how it should be.

Summer is fast approaching and I am going to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I can. So if you dont already, subscribe to My Follow+ feed, then you better do so now and get exclusive access to photos and videos that will never be posted anywhere else, not even twitter this summer. The REAL everyday life of Miss Kelly. What can get better than that? NOTHING. Go subscribe now. I will be posting at least one new video a week this summer just for My follow+ fans…..

Cam sessions are going to be available this coming week 5/29-6/4. I am going to have a set day this coming week that I will have a live open cam feed and I will be interacting with all of you who follow Me all over the web. I will post the link to the site that I will be doing this on the day before. You will be expected to sign up and come in, be polite and enjoy your time with Me. No making demands and all that extra funny business, be respectful. Cam times will be after 12pm EST this week as I will be getting back into the swing of getting up early as hell and getting ready for cam, as this process can some times take ME personally, hours. I tend to procrastinate. But hey, I can do that. If you would like to book your OWN cam time with Me. The rates start at $50 and go up from there. You may email Me at to schedule your time.

I have been enjoying taking lots of calls on niteflirt lately. Been extremely busy and thats just how I like it. Boys dropping by and making their deposits right into My account is what pleases Me most. I am greedy after all, what else would you expect? Lol. Lots of new boys have called recently and started their journey into servitude and I couldn’t be more pleased. Shrimp dick, Bitch Boy, Bitch Leon, Diaper Boy, Trash Bag Boy, Derek (whose wife fucks his brother AND boss), Sissy bitch Jess, Sissy Bitch Ashley, Diaper Fag who loves My subby hubby’s cock and has to call him Master Ant LOL, and a few others I am forgetting right now have all stopped by and called, sent gifts, and or entertained Me somehow. Just as it should be. Keep up the good work boys, pleasing Me is all that matters. I also have a few new goody bags up for you boys to purchase, so get to it bitches.

21 HOT Feet Pics       

Stockings, Feet, Legs and Slave Worship     

So as I said, I am going to be releasing one new clip per week and its going to be chosen by YOU. Yes you are actually going to get a choice! How about that lol. So how you are going to be able to choose, is through out the week I am going to be taking suggestions to My email inbox only, on what type of clip I should record and put up for you boys to drool over. How do you get to choose? Send your idea to Me and if I choose yours you will get the clip I record for FREE and access to the clip first before it goes on My follow plus and to My clip stores eventually! How is that for incentive? So basically you write a script idea, send it to Me, once a week I choose the one I want to do and if its yours you get a free clip. 🙂 Simple enough right? Of course it is. So start sending those submissions boys, to I will be picking the first script this coming Wednesday June 1st.

I will be on My messengers all week coming so feel free to message and schedule your session or say hello, but don’t take advantage, you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run.

As always, you should visit all My stores and buy My content

And thats all I have for you boys for now, I will be posting more updates, shorter ones, throughout the week to let you know of specific cam times etc for the day or if something changes. Keep following for updates 🙂

~Miss Kelly ♥




A selfless act-What serving REALLY is!

So it has been quite some time since I have actually sat down and blogged, and I figured since something recently truly moved Me that one of My boys did, why not now!?!?

So I actually in the last 2 months moved twice lol. I actually moved in with a friend of Mine to help her out as she was in a pretty bad situation and struggling financially. So being the nice person I am, I went to help her out. Yeah that proved to be a mistake, as I moved back out of there nearly a month later. Some people, no matter how well you think you know them, you truly do not. I found this out quickly and had to get out of there. So I moved back to where I originated lol.

While I was there though I actually did quite a bit of real time sessions. From simple foot worship, to extreme ballbusting and strap on play. Some of My favorites as you all must know by now. Did a few sissy training sessions which I absolutely love, who doesn’t love a girls day? I know My sissy girls enjoyed it as much as I did. If you live in My area or are interested in meeting real time, contact Me via the site and We can discuss it further.

Now to the reason that actually inspired Me to write this blog post… a selfless act that totally, in My eyes depicts the exact meaning of serving your Miss….

So as you may or may not know, I am not opposed to having submissive friends in this online world, and real life for that matter. Not every submissive has to serve Me for Me to speak to them. I love intellectual conversation, it’s quite the breath of fresh air to actually come across a submissive that can hold a normal conversation versus the mindless drones, or self serving boys that you often times come across. So awhile back there was a boy that for whatever reason piqued My interest with his views on particular things that I wont go into much detail about here as it’s not relevant to the post here. So with that being said for months and months, close to a year now, this boy and Myself have had many different conversations via phone, text and chatting on messengers. I learned about this boy through these conversations and I like to think that in some way I have impacted his views on some things. I can tell you that this boy has went from being a total rebel to being one of the most subservient boys I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with to date.

Now on to how he actually came to being MY boy. Over the months the conversations this boy and I had were deep and intense and obviously there was a relationship built throughout that time. One that many people would never begin to understand, nor will I sit here and even try to explain the strong bond that he and I share. So about 3 months ago this boy for whatever reason, just stopped communicating with Me. I never knew why until the end of April when he tried to reach out to Me and I happened to be out on a date with some douche bag guy and My phone died, to which he thought I was just simply ignoring him. So he started sending tributes thinking that I was purposely ignoring him, trying to get My attention, when in reality I would never do such a thing to someone whom I truly enjoyed talking to. So there is where things began. I got home and obviously plugged My phone in and checked My email to see 4 separate tributes begging for My attention. Got on My computer and once again talked until wee hours of the night. It was then that I found out these feelings that he had kept under wraps for so long, were the exact things that kept him from speaking to Me. Not out of fear of Me, but of what I may say in response to his feelings. So over the past few weeks he and I have built this awesome relationship that I can genuinely say, I wouldnt trade for a million dollars. THAT is how important it is to Me.

There is the back story- Now on to the selfless act that inspired this post. In our conversations I had mentioned to this boy that I wanted to go to Philadelphia and have a real cheese-steak since obviously I live in Ohio and we don’t have a real cheese-steak here. My lovely adoring boy went online and found this cheese-steak place in Philadelphia that will deliver a REAL cheese-steak right to My front door the next day. I thought that was pretty awesome. So a week or so passed and he had asked for My address, which typically I wont give to just anyone, unless of course I actually know and trust you. So still not thinking why he would need My address, I gave it to him and let it be. Not too long after he asked for the address I got an email from him that was a forward from the cheese-steak place in Philly that delivers these cheese-steaks right to My front door. A whopping $75 for a damn sandwich that is just going to be devoured in mere minutes. To him, it wasn’t the money though. It was giving Me something that I wanted. He gets no pleasure from Me eating this cheese-steak. What it does show to ME though, is that his priorities are in tact. It wasn’t some lingerie that he would be receiving pictures of, or expecting anything in return whatsoever. It was simply pleasing Me, and he did just that. A TOTALLY selfless act. And to Me…. that is what serving is all about.

So to My Kakihara- you have totally blown My mind this time My dear sweet boy. You went above and beyond in your ability to please Me. You have grown into this amazing boy who I have the privilege of calling My own now and for that gift of your submission, I will forever be grateful. I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years to come. You never cease to amaze Me, ever. Our bond grows every single day and it only gets better as the days go on. I adore and love you My silly boy.

PhillyCheesesteak3  PhillyCheesesteakPhillyCheesesteak2