Subby Hubby Gets Humiliated

So this morning Subby Hubby decided to tweet Me (from across the room) and asked Me if he could pay Me $20 to spit in his mouth. Lol, yes he sure did. So since I was relaxing I decided that because I stopped what I was doing, he was going to get more than he bargained for lol. Hence this video going on YouTube…. So I recorded it and now I am posting for all you lovely boys to enjoy 🙂 

Now he wasn’t aware that I was making this blog post, but he will be when I post it lol. Of course Miss Kelly does what Miss Kelly wants. I will be posting here more often as well as making changes to My site over the next few weeks, updating links, making videos, taking pictures and things of the like. So check back often for updates. I will be using My blog to make announcements of My cam schedule for the day(s) coming as well. So look for that later 🙂

~Miss Kelly ♥♥

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