Read the words on this page VERY carefully as they are the only way you will be accepted into My stable of loyal, paying boys.


  • First and foremost, learn something about Me before approaching. You can do this by following Me on Twitter @MistressKelly84 and following Me there. Check out My blog here or on here! My Niteflirt account is another way and you can see that here. I am also on a few other sites as well. So learn something about how to serve Me before attempting to waste both of our time by sending a message without any knowledge of the type of Domme I am.
  • Always address Me with RESPECT!! And be respectful of My time!  That will be Mistress, Goddess, Queen, Princess, Miss, or Ma’am. Nothing else. It will always be capitalized and you will always ask for permission to speak to Me when on My messengers. Just because I am online does not mean I am not busy. I am many places on the internet, so be mindful of that when contacting Me. I will let you know if I am busy or not when you greet Me and ask for permission to speak.
  • TRIBUTE: It is NOT an option. Its a requirement to serve Me. There are many ways to do so. My happiness and pleasing Me comes before any of your selfish desires. My boys ask themselves “What would My Goddess do?” before making any decisions on their own. If you are unsure then it is best to wait until I answer you. Period.
  • Honesty is another huge thing with Me and is required of My boys. Communicating to Me openly about things that go on in your life is important. I want to know everything! If you cant complete a task on time or it is not possible for you to do, then talk to Me about it. But don’t avoid the task and not complete it. Its a sure fire way to piss Me off and that’s never a good thing.
  • Loyalty is something I require as well of My boys Under Consideration with Me or owned by Me. If UC with Me you are free to talk to other Dommes in chat and instant messages, but of course you cannot tribute another Domme. If owned then you may only chat in the public chats. Both must always be respectful to everyone. You represent Me and how I have trained you in public chats and forums. You make Me look like an idiot… I promise you wont like the outcome. So think before you open your mouth. (use your fingers)

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