There are many ways that you boys can contact Me, here is a list of ALL the sites that I am on. I will try to keep them updated as much as possible so as to not confuse your little pea brains.

MOST IMPORTANTLY is Twitter: This is where I keep you boys up to date on what I am doing throughout the day. Anything you need to know… will be posted on twitter. So if you don’t have one… make one idiot! You can find Me on cam on My favorite site to be on these days. Of course you need to be prepared to worship and adore Me, like always. If you aren’t a member there, then what are you waiting for!! Go sign up and see Me live 

Findoms: I am a cam verified Domme on this site and am here more than many of the other sites I have listed here.

Niteflirt: I almost always have My findom and ignore lines on. Unless I have better things to do than listen to your desperate pleas for My attention

Collar Space: My profile is no longer active here… if you find another profile on here of Me… IT IS NOT ME… move on!

Fetlife: I rarely get on here at all. I check it every so often.. maybe once a month (if that)

Chaturbate: I go on cam here at times to allow you boys to worship Me and see Me on cam. You can find My room through the link above and the times that I will be on are always posted on My twitter OR I will just tweet the link and you will know… so following My twitter is crucial to being connected to Me!


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