2 hole slut for use today!!

So My little 2 hole slut is up on Craigslist in North Mississippi today for use and abuse. He will be taking any and all cocks that come to him at the I55 rest area ALL DAY!! Here is the link if you are in the area and want your cock sucked or whatever else. 🙂 Enjoy!! http://northmiss.craigslist.org/cas/4357777321.html


NEW BLOG!! Click click

So it has been quite some time since I have actually posted on My blog…. and now My website. I have had so much going on, it is insane to be honest. Went through a spell over Christmas where I needed a damn break. So guess what. Being who I am…. I TOOK A FUCKING BREAK. I call the shots here so thats what it was.

Anyhow, I still kept in contact with My regular boys of course. I just was not taking on any new ones. No need to take on boys and then take a month break making them think I am just taking their money and running lol. Far from it. Aint My style whatsoever. So it was nice getting away and relaxing doing exactly what I want.

I however found time recently to make this wonderful blog/website. Still a work in progress as I am changing things everyday and making them to My liking. I am all over the place now that I am back and in full action. But one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was get this back up and running. And exercise more of course lol. I have been doing both so all is good so far. I am doing a lot better than 75% of people who actually made new years resolutions lol.

Heres a little treat for you addicted bitches. Worship serve and obey minions. It’s all you are here to do anyhow. I am gonna try to update this more frequently of course! Feel free to send your thanks in the form of Amazon GC’s to MistressKelly102784@gmail.com.

Until Next time…. click and spend! ♥

New website

So I have spent a great amount of time working on My new website and it is finally here!! There are still some things that I will be adding as time goes on of course but these are the basics that are required to be in service to Me. Not options. REQUIREMENTS!! Read them carefully and learn them minions.

Miss Kelly♥