A selfless act-What serving REALLY is!

So it has been quite some time since I have actually sat down and blogged, and I figured since something recently truly moved Me that one of My boys did, why not now!?!?

So I actually in the last 2 months moved twice lol. I actually moved in with a friend of Mine to help her out as she was in a pretty bad situation and struggling financially. So being the nice person I am, I went to help her out. Yeah that proved to be a mistake, as I moved back out of there nearly a month later. Some people, no matter how well you think you know them, you truly do not. I found this out quickly and had to get out of there. So I moved back to where I originated lol.

While I was there though I actually did quite a bit of real time sessions. From simple foot worship, to extreme ballbusting and strap on play. Some of My favorites as you all must know by now. Did a few sissy training sessions which I absolutely love, who doesn’t love a girls day? I know My sissy girls enjoyed it as much as I did. If you live in My area or are interested in meeting real time, contact Me via the site and We can discuss it further.

Now to the reason that actually inspired Me to write this blog post… a selfless act that totally, in My eyes depicts the exact meaning of serving your Miss….

So as you may or may not know, I am not opposed to having submissive friends in this online world, and real life for that matter. Not every submissive has to serve Me for Me to speak to them. I love intellectual conversation, it’s quite the breath of fresh air to actually come across a submissive that can hold a normal conversation versus the mindless drones, or self serving boys that you often times come across. So awhile back there was a boy that for whatever reason piqued My interest with his views on particular things that I wont go into much detail about here as it’s not relevant to the post here. So with that being said for months and months, close to a year now, this boy and Myself have had many different conversations via phone, text and chatting on messengers. I learned about this boy through these conversations and I like to think that in some way I have impacted his views on some things. I can tell you that this boy has went from being a total rebel to being one of the most subservient boys I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with to date.

Now on to how he actually came to being MY boy. Over the months the conversations this boy and I had were deep and intense and obviously there was a relationship built throughout that time. One that many people would never begin to understand, nor will I sit here and even try to explain the strong bond that he and I share. So about 3 months ago this boy for whatever reason, just stopped communicating with Me. I never knew why until the end of April when he tried to reach out to Me and I happened to be out on a date with some douche bag guy and My phone died, to which he thought I was just simply ignoring him. So he started sending tributes thinking that I was purposely ignoring him, trying to get My attention, when in reality I would never do such a thing to someone whom I truly enjoyed talking to. So there is where things began. I got home and obviously plugged My phone in and checked My email to see 4 separate tributes begging for My attention. Got on My computer and once again talked until wee hours of the night. It was then that I found out these feelings that he had kept under wraps for so long, were the exact things that kept him from speaking to Me. Not out of fear of Me, but of what I may say in response to his feelings. So over the past few weeks he and I have built this awesome relationship that I can genuinely say, I wouldnt trade for a million dollars. THAT is how important it is to Me.

There is the back story- Now on to the selfless act that inspired this post. In our conversations I had mentioned to this boy that I wanted to go to Philadelphia and have a real cheese-steak since obviously I live in Ohio and we don’t have a real cheese-steak here. My lovely adoring boy went online and found this cheese-steak place in Philadelphia that will deliver a REAL cheese-steak right to My front door the next day. I thought that was pretty awesome. So a week or so passed and he had asked for My address, which typically I wont give to just anyone, unless of course I actually know and trust you. So still not thinking why he would need My address, I gave it to him and let it be. Not too long after he asked for the address I got an email from him that was a forward from the cheese-steak place in Philly that delivers these cheese-steaks right to My front door. A whopping $75 for a damn sandwich that is just going to be devoured in mere minutes. To him, it wasn’t the money though. It was giving Me something that I wanted. He gets no pleasure from Me eating this cheese-steak. What it does show to ME though, is that his priorities are in tact. It wasn’t some lingerie that he would be receiving pictures of, or expecting anything in return whatsoever. It was simply pleasing Me, and he did just that. A TOTALLY selfless act. And to Me…. that is what serving is all about.

So to My Kakihara- you have totally blown My mind this time My dear sweet boy. You went above and beyond in your ability to please Me. You have grown into this amazing boy who I have the privilege of calling My own now and for that gift of your submission, I will forever be grateful. I look forward to the days, weeks, months and years to come. You never cease to amaze Me, ever. Our bond grows every single day and it only gets better as the days go on. I adore and love you My silly boy.

PhillyCheesesteak3  PhillyCheesesteakPhillyCheesesteak2

Miss Kelly UPDATE!! Click Click

So it has been awhile since I have actually posted on My blog here so I figured it was time for a little update. I have been rather busy doing online and real time sessions. Lots of emails and things of the sort to respond to and create. Trying to get all of My paid content uploaded to Sinful Call. Which has proven to be quite the task lol. I definitely do love the site though. And just plain old ME TIME!! Yes a Domme needs some free time too. Imagine that!

A couple mentionable sessions that have happened with My boys. End of February a boy came to Me on twitter (who has since disappeared I am thinking) and wanted to serve someone local. So of course he needed to show that he was serious so I instructed him to go buy some things off My wishlist which he did. Strap on harness, dong, a few shirts. We planned on meeting and he did in fact come through for that. We went to a local open-air mall and went to lunch and did some Victoria Secret shopping and then went home. 2 days later he came back and took Me to lunch. He went out of town and I spoke to him the day after he got back and haven’t heard from him since. So I guess thanks for the shopping and gifts LOL. I definitely wont complain on that one.

My little dick cucky never fails to impress Me.  He has struggled with being My little dick cucky on and off for about a year now. He knows that when I want it… I am taking it! This boy in the last year has spent thousands on Me. From a laptop and $250 within O/our first conversation to most recently a lovely new bike for Me to ride this summer! And lots and lots of gifts in between of course. He truly spoils the hell out of Me and I absolutely adore My little dick cucky boy. He knows there is not another Domme that can weaken him in the moments it takes Me, and he has tried to find one, with no success of course LOL. There will NEVER be another Me!!

As recently as yesterday there was a little errand boy/sissy bitch who approached Me on Collar Me and wanted to be just that for Me. We talked and agreed to her coming to take Me grocery shopping and paying of course. So she came yesterday morning bright and early and I had printed out her first sissy task. To go to a specialty lingerie shop and buy a new pair of pretty pink panties. So we went grocery shopping. I added to the cart some pretty pink lip gloss and cosmo for her to take home to read along with all My groceries. She was a happy little sissy and of course she now has a new name. Sissy Arabella. I look forward to transforming this little sissy girl into a full fledged sissy bitch 🙂

There is always My little cigarette bimbo Ashley who has went through major transformations over the last (almost) year as well. From transforming an entire room in her house to a sissy bitch room at My command. To finally buying her first pack of VS120s recently and having them with her all the time. They drive her absolutely nuts because she wants to be a little smoking whore! She is such a good little bitch and is sooooo much more open to exploring and accepting her sissy slut side! I am very very proud of her!

There are also many new boys who have come to Me on niteflirt as well. Some have come and gone as some of them do. I definitely dont mind the drive by tributes though lol.  There is a middle finger boy who as the name implies… loves paying for My middle finger pictures lol. A little cuckold pain slut who enjoys lots of humiliation and suffering for a beautiful Goddess. Not sure which way he is going to go at this point. He is going through a tough time right now. There is a little chastity/sissy slut who enjoys dressing up and sending Me pictures and of course being locked in chastity for little overnights. He also impressed Me by signing up on sinful call and making the 2 credit package purchase, therefor earning Me the $100 new member signup bonus! YOU can be a good little bitch too and do the same thing for Me here: http://www.sinfulcall.com/profile/mistresskelly84?ref=u4LQ 

And then there is this little panty wearing boy who almost a year ago came to Me on Collar Me and was looking to be broken so to speak. He is quite arrogant and in the beginning was quite a challenge lol. Well at the time I had no clue how to break this little shit because he countered EVERYTHING I said or did. Well one day I had him send Me a picture of his panty collection and I accepted the photo on My phone. He had no idea that I worked for a cell phone provider in Tier 3 tech care for a few years (which is the end all be all of tech care in most cell phone providers) so I knew a lot about how to figure out locations and solve and pinpoint issues to specific locations. Well what most people dont know, is that there is geotagging on cell phones and any photo you take while the location is turned on. Actually sends coordinates as to where you are along with a city, approximate address, and things of that sort along with the photo. So I have taunted and teased this boy over the last year simply telling him. “Do not under estimate Me” … over the months while I was still keeping all this knowledge to Myself, allowing him to gain confidence and of course build his own ego, he thought he could not be broken. Well I decided just recently to let him in on a little secret of Mine… I knew EVERYTHING there is to know about him. From his full name, address, previous addresses, his wifes name, where he works, previous jobs, and the list goes on. I decided to let him know all of his own info lol. Needless to say… this little panty boy no longer under estimates My power and the knowledge that I have. He now knows… I am one smart cookie LOL. He will have fun reading this blog lol.

There are also lots of plans to travel in the works so stay tuned to My blog for more regular updates as to what has been going on with Me and when I am available for sessions, calls, chats and assignments.

Until next time minions ♥


2 hole slut for use today!!

So My little 2 hole slut is up on Craigslist in North Mississippi today for use and abuse. He will be taking any and all cocks that come to him at the I55 rest area ALL DAY!! Here is the link if you are in the area and want your cock sucked or whatever else. 🙂 Enjoy!! http://northmiss.craigslist.org/cas/4357777321.html


NEW BLOG!! Click click

So it has been quite some time since I have actually posted on My blog…. and now My website. I have had so much going on, it is insane to be honest. Went through a spell over Christmas where I needed a damn break. So guess what. Being who I am…. I TOOK A FUCKING BREAK. I call the shots here so thats what it was.

Anyhow, I still kept in contact with My regular boys of course. I just was not taking on any new ones. No need to take on boys and then take a month break making them think I am just taking their money and running lol. Far from it. Aint My style whatsoever. So it was nice getting away and relaxing doing exactly what I want.

I however found time recently to make this wonderful blog/website. Still a work in progress as I am changing things everyday and making them to My liking. I am all over the place now that I am back and in full action. But one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was get this back up and running. And exercise more of course lol. I have been doing both so all is good so far. I am doing a lot better than 75% of people who actually made new years resolutions lol.

Heres a little treat for you addicted bitches. Worship serve and obey minions. It’s all you are here to do anyhow. I am gonna try to update this more frequently of course! Feel free to send your thanks in the form of Amazon GC’s to MistressKelly102784@gmail.com.

Until Next time…. click and spend! ♥

New website

So I have spent a great amount of time working on My new website and it is finally here!! There are still some things that I will be adding as time goes on of course but these are the basics that are required to be in service to Me. Not options. REQUIREMENTS!! Read them carefully and learn them minions.

Miss Kelly♥