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So it has been quite some time since I have actually posted on My blog…. and now My website. I have had so much going on, it is insane to be honest. Went through a spell over Christmas where I needed a damn break. So guess what. Being who I am…. I TOOK A FUCKING BREAK. I call the shots here so thats what it was.

Anyhow, I still kept in contact with My regular boys of course. I just was not taking on any new ones. No need to take on boys and then take a month break making them think I am just taking their money and running lol. Far from it. Aint My style whatsoever. So it was nice getting away and relaxing doing exactly what I want.

I however found time recently to make this wonderful blog/website. Still a work in progress as I am changing things everyday and making them to My liking. I am all over the place now that I am back and in full action. But one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was get this back up and running. And exercise more of course lol. I have been doing both so all is good so far. I am doing a lot better than 75% of people who actually made new years resolutions lol.

Heres a little treat for you addicted bitches. Worship serve and obey minions. It’s all you are here to do anyhow. I am gonna try to update this more frequently of course! Feel free to send your thanks in the form of Amazon GC’s to

Until Next time…. click and spend! ♥

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