Welcome boys. You have begun your journey into financial servitude where you will worship, obey and spoil Me, you have come here because you know your place in this world, underneath a Beautiful, Powerful, and Sadistic Goddess, serving…. pleasing…. obeying….

You crave My power, the power that you live for, born to serve, born to please, born to obey Me. Without this power you are nothing, you may try to fight the urge to beg to serve Me but, you cannot fight the fact you were born to serve, no matter how much you try to conceal your submissive need, the need to drop to your knees before Me, Weak and powerless, hanging on to My every word, hoping so desperately you are pleasing Me in every way you can….hoping that I take notice of your desperate pleas for attention.

It is automatic to you, it is not optional, you will devote your life to Me, you will worship and obey Me, you will live to please Me, you have found your purpose in this world, serving Miss Kelly. So give in to the desires to submit to a Beautiful, Powerful and Sadistic Goddess and serve Me the way I deserve…. On your knees, with your wallet in hand, ready to give Me everything that I desire from you…


15 Responses to Home

  1. twittersentme says:

    Hello Mistress Kelly–just wanted to stop by and formally make my first comment here on your new blog. I like the design so far and I look forward to checking out the new developments as they arrive…

    • MistressKelly84 says:

      Thanks Twitter 🙂 A work in progress of course but little by little it will get there 🙂

  2. Hypnoseduced says:

    You are amazing!

  3. takemysoul50 says:

    I am Jewish slave belong Miss Kristy, best Italian Mistress ever!!! I look floor for Mistress Kelly

  4. XxDizzlexX says:

    Who would be the proprietor of this establishment?

  5. hamed says:

    I want to be your personal property

  6. worship_yr_feet says:

    Mistress……do You sell Your worn panties and stockingz and shoes……..

  7. Bill says:

    I want very much to be made to make amends to you. Call it somethingime a seven year itch or something but Mistress Kelly 84 should be written on me because you are what inspired that old fantasy
    Maybe I can like I saw some other guy you owned awhile back to be pushed into sucking cock for money to give to you.
    I won’t try and get our friendship back but please degrade me enough to get even. For not showing enough gratitude the last time I called you Mistress Kelly.
    Please accept me for the job of total humiliation degradation and service to you. I’ll pass any test you give me even dressing femme and being made to eat as much cuz as possible

  8. Cunt_Pigg says:

    Words mean nothing to Mistress Kelly. You speak to her through your cash…Shut your mouths and open your wallets. Stroke, Ache, PAY!!!

  9. Thomas mckee says:

    Sub male from philly please drop me email back

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